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Here at BP, we are all about self-expression and keeping up with the trending topics and interesting fashion trends and hot looks that come out. That includes hot and new beauty products, hair products and designs along with music and trill new ideas that you can incorporate in your everyday lifestyle.


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Crop Tops have been creating a lot of heat this summer, and everyone is getting in on it - everyone, including men. According to, this look for men has been showing up all over the London Men’s Fashion Week runway and designers have been creating various degrees of crop tops; soomehow finding "a loophole to “No Shirt, No Service” "(, June, 13), where the crop tops go as far as showing pecs and nipples.


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  However, it seems as though these cropped tops for men may not reach as many costumers as the crop tops for women do. 

For men, if you want to try this new cropped up trend - it may be better with a gym-bod. However, if you are worrying about your stomach being bare, try wearing an undershirt and see how it feels! You never know until you try!

 For the women – this time belly tops are meant to be worn with high-waisted bottoms! Sort of giving off that old 90’s feel to it! This re-vamped version of the belly top is a great and fashionable way to ensure almost anyone could wear a crop top without worry!


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By using a high-waisted bottom you are able to ensure that you can keep the “business part of your midsection covered up”(, June, 13). With that being said, why not try out this Cropped Up Trend this summer? Go to American Apparel and try a crop top with a high waisted jean, or a high waisted skirt and see how you feel! You never know until you try!


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Stay trill everyone!